Mimi Donaldson Coaching Raves

“I just spoke for a dental meeting here and did my short informercial that we created. I got a lead to do a program on it right there! Thanks a ton. Success is already happening.”

Linda Drevenstedt
Dental Practice Management Consultant

“Thank you so much for your brilliant coaching.  My 30-second intro in front of 40 people actually made me feel high afterwards!  And you were so much fun to work with.”

Susana Lee, Associate
World Financial Group

“Thanks for being the speech writer, comic and entertainer that you are as you are able to share your gifts with chicks like me!  I did receive lots of positive feedback: “great speech,” “so informative,” “great job,” “loved you,” etc.”

Patricia Garza-Pinto, Owner

“I am still high from my presentation! You are a gift! (Got this email below).”

Clara Baum, Executive District Manager

(To Clara Baum) “Loved your presentation. It was personal, poignant and impactful! You’ve earned the respect and admiration of the wonderful women of WRS South Bay Chapter! Clearly, collaborating with Mimi is a win-win for all.”

Wendy Pratt, President 
Pratt Public Relations

“Meeting you yesterday was transformational.  Somehow we never think our story is strong enough or will have the impact to influence the lives of others. After our meeting, my thoughts started to roll out.  You and I are part of that evolution to help women become economically empowered.”

Katherine Murray-Morse, CFP ®
Financial Advisor Park Avenue Securities

“Thank you, Mimi, for your expertise and clarity in working with me to craft my speech. The process is enlightening on many levels, and it was FUN the whole time!  Love that I have an outline for my one-sheet and a professional ‘introduction’ as well. Your package is delightfully complete.”

Trine C. Jensen, President
Success On My Own Terms

“Awesome, energizing meeting yesterday! I see why so many people sing your praises.  I’m so happy you’re in my life…divine order at its best!”

Debra Hoffman, Consultant
Medicare, Health Plans and More

“Thanks, Mimi . . . for today. . .for you. . .for being such an inspiring mentor and speech coach!  You just bring out the best in me!”

Shelly S. Whizin, CEO
Soul Diving Institute

“How does one thank you for such kindness and generosity. You came at a time when I needed some sunshine in my life. And boy, did you radiate your love and knowledge.”

Jennifer Jestin, Realtor
Teles Properties

“You helped me tremendously in our sessions. You are so honest; you made good points that helped me a good deal.”

Stephanie Brown,
Real Estate Professional

“Your presentation formula is AMAZING and simple.  Love the speech formula worksheet too. The introduction template is awesome. Your process is so exciting! My two 15-minute speeches about my business were smash hits.  At least 25 people lined up to talk to me afterwards.  Thank you so much.”

Yvonne Larson, President
Absolute Vital Care Bodyworks

“What an absolute joy I had working with you today.  I love your passion, vision and it aligns with my heart. Thank you so much for what you gave me today.”

Tricia Andreassen,
Real Estate Business Coach

“Thanks SO much for your speech coach wisdom yesterday, and most especially for the validation. Needed that. You have shifted me from frozen to energized!”

Linda Cobb, President
The Coaching Company, Inc.

“It was incredible to hear you coach us last week at the SBA. You gave us great insight and fresh ideas on how to market our brand. The most amazing part of you aside from your knowledge and expertise was your energy. That, we fully received.”

Marian Ramirez, Owner
Candles by Trinity

“Mimi is a quick study, inspirational with great tips. My acceptance speech for my award went very well, and they laughed! And I know it was because of the expert coaching I received from Mimi.”

Janet Steiner, President
Thoro Packaging

“Mimi grasped my business immediately. Within a short time, she outlined my next marketing presentation. Now I’m a confident speaker.”

Marylou Garcia, Managing Director
Expense Reduction Analysis

“Thank you for your presentation on “pitching” for the CafeNet group. I enjoyed your style and found the content quite useful. As I work through my search and on-going networking, hopefully I will incorporate some of your themes.”

Jon Grunzweig,
CIO Information Technology Executive

“Thank you for your participation and valuable input at the pitch session today. You are an expert at coaching people on how to construct and deliver a successful pitch.”

Christina Stace, Economic Development Specialist
Small Business Association (SBA)

“Thank you so much for your expert coaching. The time I spent with you was very valuable and I will certainly recommend you as I know you are the best speech coach!”

Judith Mancini, Host
Dishing With Judith, Radio Show

“Just did my first keynote! Thank you so much for your help, love, and inspiration. Can’t wait for you to see it!”

Lori Hart, Esthetician
Young at Hart

“I want to thank you for teaching me how to structure and deliver a winning whether it’s 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Your positive energy, wisdom, integrity, and support were the catalysts for me to shift from frozen with fear to excited with passion. You brought out the best in me! I am deeply grateful for this incredible journey. Mimi, you are an amazing being!”

Lorraine DiGiovanni, Intuitive Healer and Medium
Soul Diving Institute