Why should I hire a speech coach?

  • Do you suspect you may be boring?
  • Do you wish you could make people laugh?
  • Does the thought of speaking in front of an audience for more than 30 seconds make you sweat, and keep you up at night?

I can help.  I’m Mimi Donaldson, your Speech Coach.

As a professional public speaker with a star-studded track record, I have delivered speeches to audiences of thousands with huge celebrities.  As the “pitch coach” for ABC-TV’s American Inventor, I coached the winners to persuade judges and viewers.  Now, my biggest thrill is coaching corporate managers and business owners to speak in front of groups to market themselves and their businesses.  You can benefit from speaking to many groups, including Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, women’s groups, and college groups.

Five Benefits Your Speech Will Experience from Hiring A Public Speaking Coach:

  • Build trust: In today’s transparent world, trust is paramount.  Customers have to choose a “trusted partner” to engage with.  When they hear you speak in front of a group, you have instant credibility, because someone has chosen YOU to hold the attention of an audience.  They can trust you.
  • Reveal your personality:  When you speak publicly, you reveal your personality.  There is nothing to hide behind.  You are speaking about what you know really well, and you can tell stories and anecdotes about problems you’ve helped to solve.  These often are humorous, and nothing will sell you like humor.
  • You can “sell” your business without hard selling.  Pointing out the diligent work that clients have thanked you for, even reading a quote from a letter of appreciation is heart-warming.  And the message is loud and clear that you get results, and people thank you for your efforts.
  • Spread the word:  When you speak for groups, bring cards and brochures (with color pictures) to give out.  You will reach more people than are in the audience; they will bring your stuff home and share it with others.
  • Give value to get business: Make a useful handout tailored to the majority of your audience members.  Now you‘ve given something of value they can use, and now they are more likely to thank you by giving you their business.


Mimi Donaldson Speech Coach & Public SpeakerTogether, we’ll use my 30 years of keynote speaking in front of audiences of thousands (which you don’t have to do) to craft your perfect marketing speech.

And we’ll find the funny, because when people are laughing, they are buying.

My goal is that you love speaking about your business, as much as you love your business.

I am a Speech Coach that has made over 900 appearances at international events and has coached numerous entrepreneurs, executives and celebrities in how to be a powerful and effective speaker – and with humor! 

Rave Reviews from Mimi Donaldson’s Clients

“If you want to deliver your speeches or radio shows out of the ball park, I highly recommend having Mimi Donaldson be your coach. She gets you to the heart of your message, finds the humor, and polishes up your speech. I feel it’s vital to have Mimi go over your speech so you feel prepared, confident, and have fun when you speak.

Mimi is also a joy, with her amazing enthusiasm and humor, that it’s such a fun process! Treat yourself and hire Mimi to help you. Your audiences will praise you for it.”

Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D., N.C., M.A., LEED
Author of the Hay House book, Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight

“You completely rock and you are adorable! It was an absolute blast to experience your presentation! You’ve got it all going on! I will, without any doubt, be modeling what I observed in you as I continue speaking. I’d love to bring you in to take my events and speaking at the next level! LOVE…LOVE what you do!!!”

Gwen Lepard
Speaker – Best Selling Co-Author, The Gratitude Book Project

“You are simply toooo much! I cannot thank you enough—sharing your wisdom. You’re the best. Thanks again (and again and again).”

Kane Phelps
International Speakers

“Because of your coaching, my speech was an absolute home run. I can’t thank you enough. The laughs and humor came where you said they would. The 90 minutes flowed better than I expected. The feedback was great. I touched people on a lot of levels I had hoped for. Thank you for guiding me to wrap my content in the leadership theme. I can’t say enough about your contribution. You gave me a great deal of direction and pointed me to the right content. Everything you suggested that I do, worked. You gave me a great deal of confidence. I give you a lot of credit and appreciate everything you did.”

Randy Tabor




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