Be the Speaker You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Public speaking is the number one fear in the United States. Death is number five. If the thought of speaking in front of a large audience makes you sweat, you are not alone. Mimi Donaldson understands your fears.

Your success as a professional depends on your ability to speak clearly and powerfully. Mimi is a superstar in the speaking business, keynoting with celebrities for audiences of thousands. Her rare combination of sophisticated humor and solid content makes her one of America’s most popular speakers. She has created speeches for executives, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. She was the Pitch Coach for contestants on ABC’s American Inventor, the TV reality show. And now she can be YOUR personal speech coach for your elevator pitch, marketing presentation, and full keynote.

Mimi Donaldson, Speech Coach, helps maximize your speaking ability:

  • Learn to convert your nervousness to positive energy so you look and sound confident.
  • Identify the clients’ problems that you are uniquely qualified to solve.
  • Craft your “Why Story” to relate with your audience and show them why they should care.
  • Create your speech with a step-by-step presentation outline based on your listener’s frame of reference.
  • “Find the funny” in your speech, because when people are laughing, they are buying.
  • Teach you to know your audience and lead with need.
  • Learn to handle questions with grace and control.

Speech Coach, Mimi Donaldson, is located in Marina del Rey, California. She has coached many business owners and executives locally with sessions in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and all over Southern California. However, Mimi can coach anyone, anywhere through speech coach sessions via Skype. Fill out the contact form below today to receive your FREE 30-minute speech coach consultation from Mimi!

What Mimi’s Clients Have To Say…

“Mimi grasped my business immediately. Within a short time, she outlined my next marketing presentation. Now I’m a confident speaker.”– Marylou Garcia, Managing Director, Expense Reduction Analysis


“Mimi is a quick study, inspirational with great tips. My presentation went very well. And I know it was because of the expert advice I received from Mimi.”– Janet Steiner, President, Thoro Packaging

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