Pitch Perfect book Mimi Donaldson, Public Speaking Coach and Author in Los AngelesPitch Perfect

“Speak to Grow Your Business in 7 Simple Steps”

Do you suspect you may be boring?
Do you wish you could make people laugh?
Does the thought of speaking in front of a group make you sweat and keep you up at night?
Pitch Perfect can help you!

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Necessary RoughnessNecessary Roughness

“New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life”

“I teach women how to watch football,” says Mimi Donaldson about her book, Necessary Roughness. “I believe women, especially successful women, will be drawn to football because those are the lessons they used to get ahead. They have commitment. They’re great team players. They’re good leaders. And they’re very in tune with intention, which makes you unstoppable.” In Necessary Roughness: New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life, Mimi uses football game analogies that parallel actions that lead us to success in today’s business (on-field) (and personal, or off-field) world. Team members have learned these tricks well: Smart players who know how to coach the coach, looking at character when recruiting new players (employees), learning how to “shake” things off and move forward, the efficiency of the two-minute drill, the hurry-up offense and the second chance. In Necessary Roughness, Mimi energizes and inspires us to greatness.

Price: $14.95

Bless Your Stress It Mean's You're Still AliveBless Your Stress

“It Means You’re Still Alive!”

If you’ve ever longed for a book on stress management that was enlightening but not frightening, entertaining instead of draining, look no more. Bless Your Stress is as enjoyable as informative. There are no scary statistics or grim scenarios; no intimidation, no stern coercion. What you’ll find instead is a fresh, light, original take on stress that is as pleasurable to read as it is practical. You’ll find a wealth of uncommon-sense strategies from the ridiculous to the sublime for lightening your stress load and heightening your enjoyment of life. Plus some great Rubes® cartoons!

Price: $15.00