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Raves from Marketing Speaker Clients

Toni Julian

“Thank you for all your support and skilled coaching. You are just the right person, at just the right time, to help me SOAR. I just returned from doing my pitch we wrote, and the company foodservice rep wants to introduce me to Twitter to participate in the company’s employee wellness fair and introduce my services and Toni’s Hot Protein Meals.”

Toni Julian
President, Toni’s OatMEAL; Author of BITE ME! Change Your Life One Bite at a Time
Patricia Garza-Pinto, Owner Transformotion

“Thanks for being the speech writer, comic and entertainer that you are as you are able to share your gifts with chicks like me! I did receive lots of positive feedback: “great speech,” “so informative,” “great job,” “loved you,” etc.”

Patricia Garza-Pinto, Owner
Gila Kurtz, Founder & Co-Owner Dog Is Good

"Thank you for helping me to bring out the best in myself so I can inspire others. I am truly grateful...AND I AM HAVING FUN! YOU ARE AWESOME!"

Gila Kurtz, Founder & Co-Owner
Dog Is Good
Lynda Martin-Lawley Founder, LML Consulting Leadership Consultant Business Connector

“Mimi Donaldson is not only a joy to work with; her expertise in speech writing is amazing! She has a proven formula for organizing the ‘story’ to bring it to life in a compelling way. Her passion and experience as a Wordsmith is evident and her enthusiasm is infectious. For anyone needing guidance for any type of business marketing and speech coaching, Mimi is your ‘go to’ resource!”

Lynda Martin-Lawley, Leadership Consultant, Business Connector
LML Consulting
Brenda Terzian Doug Terzian Construction, Inc.

“Just wanted to let you know I was in a humorous contest for Toastmasters and I won! I was so shocked! All your great advice and words of wisdom helped. I remembered your words, to show the audience I have a lot of confidence! Even though I wasn’t so sure of myself, I went out on a limb, because you gave me courage, and as Erma Bombeck said that’s where all the fruit is.”

Brenda Terzian
Doug Terzian Construction, Inc.

“Mimi grasped my business immediately. Within a short time, she outlined my next marketing presentation. Now I’m a confident speaker.”

Marylou Garcia, Managing Director
Expense Reduction Analysis
Matt Mills, MCM Coaching

“Mimi helped shape and change my business. She helped me find my unique message and voice for who I am, what I’m about, and how I can help them in their careers. She not only guides you in creating a great speech, but also puts in the work WITH you because she believes in her clients. I’ve seen immediate results by booking new speaking engagements, creating new business opportunities, and gaining more clients! I reached a new level of confidence not only with my speaking, but also with my writing, my work coaching clients and my overall message and brand. ”

Matt Mills, Certified Professional Coach
MCM Coaching
John Moore, President, Moore Strength

“OK. I am committed to being a great Mimi success story!! You taught me the process. You walked me through each step. You brainstormed with me and helped me stay clear in my writing and speaking. You provided rich feedback and wrote key portions of my talk. You allowed me to work with you for a day to see how it is done. You provided me awesome resources. You have been a blast to work with.”

John Moore, President, Certified Executive Leadership and Business Advisor
Moore Strength
Rev. Robyn Holt, Spiritual Leader

“I have known Mimi over 20 years. She is the most brilliant speaker I’ve ever heard - - funny and insightful. Now as a speech coach, she brings her coaching wisdom to make your speech come alive in a way you never thought possible. ”

Rev. Robyn Holt, Spiritual Leader
Sydney Centre for Spiritual Living
Katherine Nilbrink Certified Holistic Health Coach

“So fun today! Thanks so much for your help and getting me back to understanding why I do what I do. It’s such a pleasure to work with somebody who loves what they do as much as you do, Mimi.”

Katherine Nilbrink
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Tish Pollack

“What an amazing session we had today. You have made me think about my business in ways I never even considered or dreamed of. Not only are you a speech coach, but you are truly a business mentor! I feel blessed to have met you and look forward to even more eye-opening experiences. You’ve really instilled even more excitement into what I do.”

Tish Pollack, President, Jewelry Designer
Diva Beads

“Thank you so much for your brilliant coaching.  My 30-second intro in front of 40 people actually made me feel high afterwards!  And you were so much fun to work with.”

Susana Lee
World Financial Group, Transamerica
Linda Drevenstedt Dental Practice Management Consultant

“I just spoke for a dental meeting here and did my short informercial that we created. I got a lead to do a program on it right there! Thanks a ton. Success is already happening.”

Linda Drevenstedt
Dental Practice Management Consultant
Brett R Strauss, General Counsel SDP Payroll

“I used the 10-minute presentation you created with our company at a networking meeting, and it was excellent! I’ve been a member of this particular group for 6 years and they couldn’t believe that it was the ‘same old Brett’ delivering such a powerful speech! Thank you for helping us improve our message!”

Brett R Strauss, General Counsel
SDP Payroll
Tara Green Owner, TARA Collections

“Mimi has provided me with a blueprint for my words, so I can speak confidently in front of an audience – whether it’s for a 30-second introduction or an all-day workshop! “

Tara Green, Owner
TARA Collections
Cynthia Flynn, Esq. Hackler Flynn & Associates, APC

“Mimi is so fun to work with – she makes speech writing a breeze! I am so excited for my next speech all because of Mimi. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help writing or presenting a speech.”

Cynthia Flynn, Esq.
Hackler Flynn & Associates, APC
Heather Backstrom President, Backstrom Leadership Strategies

“I truly enjoyed our time together and really appreciate your expert guidance and support. I know I’m in great hands with you. As mentioned, I couldn’t have done what we did together on my own.”

Heather Backstrom, President
Backstrom Leadership Strategies
Tressa Pope, Loan Officer PrimeLending

"Thank you so much for helping me put my speech together with humor and impact. I'm already inspired to work on my second speech!"

Tressa Pope, Loan Officer
Mimi with open hands and colorful blouse

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