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Public speaking is the number one fear in the United States. Death is number five. If the thought of speaking in front of a large audience makes you sweat, you are not alone. Mimi Donaldson understands your fears.

Your success as a professional depends on your ability to speak clearly and powerfully. Mimi is a superstar in the speaking business, keynoting with celebrities for audiences of thousands. Her rare combination of sophisticated humor and solid content makes her one of America’s most popular speakers. She has created speeches for executives, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. She was the Pitch Coach for contestants on ABC’s American Inventor, the TV reality show. And now she can be YOUR personal speech coach for your elevator pitch, marketing presentation, and full keynote.

Mimi Donaldson is the official TEDx Talk speech coach for Loyola Marymount University.


Mimi Donaldson, Speech Coach, helps maximize your speaking ability:

  • Learn to convert your nervousness to positive energy so you look and sound confident.
  • Identify the clients’ problems that you are uniquely qualified to solve.
  • Craft your “Why Story” to relate with your audience and show them why they should care.
  • Create your speech with a step-by-step presentation outline based on your listener’s frame of reference.
  • “Find the funny” in your speech, because when people are laughing, they are buying.
  • Teach you to know your audience and lead with need.
  • Learn to handle questions with grace and control.

Speech Coach, Mimi Donaldson, is located in Marina del Rey, California. She has coached many business owners and executives locally with sessions in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and all over Southern California. However, Mimi can coach anyone, anywhere through speech coach sessions via Skype. Fill out the contact form below today to receive your FREE 30-minute speech coach consultation from Mimi!

Keynote Speaker Clients

Nadja Piatka, CEO Nadja Foods

Nadja Piatka, CEO

Nadja Foods

“I just wanted to let you know I gave the best talk EVER yesterday thanks to you! One of my written comments was from one of the delegates at the conference: ‘Your presentation was simply the best in the 2 days. It was both personal and uplifting. I am now most inspired.’ The audience was all high level executives. They were so attentive during my speech. I could see they were listening and actually stayed off of their electronic devices, which wasn’t the case throughout the other presentations. I was worried since I was the second to last presentation of the day. The organizer was thrilled! It was such a great high for me. I did everything you taught me. Thank you Mimi, you are the BEST!!!”

Randy Tabor

Randy Tabor


“Because of your coaching, my speech was an absolute home run. I can’t thank you enough. The laughs and humor came where you said they would. The 90 minutes flowed better than I expected. The feedback was great. I touched people on a lot of levels I had hoped for. Thank you for guiding me to wrap my content in the leadership theme. I can’t say enough about your contribution. You gave me a great deal of direction and pointed me to the right content. Everything you suggested that I do, worked. You gave me a great deal of confidence. I give you a lot of credit and appreciate everything you did.”

Dan Moriarty Coach, Own The Room

Dan Moriarty, Coach

Own The Room

“Imagine, you’ve decided to embark on the journey of being a keynote speaker. You always knew were going to take it, however, you also knew you couldn’t do that journey alone. Then you meet Mimi Donaldson and the journey is so much more interesting, rewarding and successful than even your dreams ever dreamt! Thank you Mimi for your support, belief and being the ultimate teammate you are.”

Marketing Speaker Clients

Tish Pollack

Tish Pollack, President, Jewelry Designer

Diva Beads

“I had so much fun delivering our speech this afternoon. I’ve never had more fun or been more proud of speaking about my business. One person came up to me after and asked me to re-quote something I said because it really resonated with her. Now that’s a sign of a well-written and executed speech. You are the best. And the audience laughed when you said they would!”

Matt Mills, MCM Coaching

Matt Mills, Certified Professional Coach

MCM Coaching

“Mimi helped shape and change my business. She helped me find my unique message and voice for who I am, what I’m about, and how I can help them in their careers. She not only guides you in creating a great speech, but also puts in the work WITH you because she believes in her clients. I’ve seen immediate results by booking new speaking engagements, creating new business opportunities, and gaining more clients! I reached a new level of confidence not only with my speaking, but also with my writing, my work coaching clients and my overall message and brand. ”

Yvonne Larson

Yvonne Larson, President

Absolute Vital Care Bodyworks

“Your presentation formula is AMAZING and simple. Love the speech formula worksheet too. The introduction template is awesome. Your process is so exciting! My two 15-minute speeches about my business were smash hits. At least 25 people lined up to talk to me afterwards. Thank you so much.”

Mimi with open hands and colorful blouse

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