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Make the Second Half Count

Are you over 50? What if, for everything you do in the second half of life, you get extra credit?
It’s true in figure skating scoring. I’ve been wanting to write this to you since the Olympics a few months ago. Not only do I adore figure skating, but I’m fascinated by this fact: In figure skating, jumps performed in the second half of the program are worth more than the jumps performed in the first half. The judges award a 10 percent bonus, on top of their base value.

To quote, “The idea behind the bonus is simple: The longer a skater’s program goes on — and free skates usually run four to four and a half minutes — the more tired a skater gets. So performing difficult jumps in the second half requires more strength, endurance, and skill, and the 10 percent bonus is meant to acknowledge that.”

One skater who took advantage of this rule is Russian skater Alina Zagitova. During her free skate program, she performed all her jumps in the second half to take advantage of all of the bonus points, as seen on her scoresheet from the team event in Pyeongchang. She won the Gold!

This scoring tribute to strength, endurance and skill has changed my life. I’m over 50, so everything now counts more. That’s how I think of life, including my exercise regimen. When the clock passes the halfway mark in my spin class, I note it every time. More pride feels my soul. I told my spin class instructor about this, and it motivated her as well.

After the “magic” of a “fresh start” wears off, do you have the discipline and commitment over time to maintain your energy through to the end of a project? Think of it as counting 10 percent higher. Then apply this to anything and everything in your life.

I work with business owners to craft their marketing speech, and it turns out to be a work of art, profound and funny. But I say, “I can lead a speaker to a speech, but I can’t make them speak.” It’s because the second half is PRACTICING IT – – over and over – – looking off your notes more each time you do it. The reason? A speech is not an article you read aloud. You don’t deliver a speech, you dance with the information to delight and connect to the audience.

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