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Speaking Can Grow Your Business

This morning I spoke to NAWBO-LA, women business owners.  My subject was The Business of Speaking:  Crafting Your Perfect Pitch.   As a professional public speaker with a star-studded track record, I have delivered speeches to audiences of thousands with huge celebrities.  As the “pitch coach” for ABC-TV’s American Inventor, I coached the winners to persuade judges and viewers.  Now, my biggest thrill is coaching corporate managers and business owners to speak in front of groups to market themselves and their businesses.  You can benefit from speaking to many groups, including Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, women’s groups, and college groups.  Here are 5 specific benefits:


1. Build trust: In today’s transparent world, trust is paramount.  Customers have to choose a “trusted partner” to engage with.  When they hear you speak in front of a group, you have instant credibility, because someone has chosen YOU to hold the attention of an audience.  They can trust you.

2. Reveal your personality:  When you speak publically, you reveal your personality.  There is nothing to hide behind.  You are speaking about what you know really well, and you can tell stories and anecdotes about problems you’ve helped to solve.  These often are humorous, and nothing will sell you like humor.

3. You can “sell” your business without hard selling.  Pointing out the diligent work that clients have thanked you for, even reading a quote from a letter of appreciation is heart-warming.  And the message is loud and clear that you get results, and people thank you for your efforts.

4. Spread the word:  When you speak for groups, bring cards and brochures (with color pictures) to give out.  You will reach more people than are in the audience; they will bring your stuff home and share it with others.

5. Give value to get business: Make a useful handout tailored to the majority of your audience members.  Now you‘ve given something of value they can use, and now they are more likely to thank you by giving you their business.