• Mimi Donaldson, Speech Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker in Los Angeles
  • Mimi Donaldson, Speech Coach in Los Angeles
  • Mimi Donaldson, Keynote Speaker in Los Angeles


Pitch-Perfect-Book-Mimi-DonaldsonNew Book by Mimi Donaldson

Your success depends on your ability to market your business by speaking about it comfortably and clearly.

Speak to Grow Your Business in 7 Simple Steps!

Mimi Donaldson will get you there with her new book, “Pitch Perfect” – it’s the vehicle to your speaking success!



When Mimi Donaldson speaks, people listen. And they laugh… even if they weren’t expecting to. And they learn… a lot! But mostly, they never forget the entirely new perspective Mimi gives them. She has a flair for leaving her audiences feeling that they’ve just unlocked the secrets to a truly authentic and rewarding communication method.

Mimi Donaldson, Public Speaking Coach in Los AngelesFor over twenty years, Mimi has captivated audiences from the Fortune 100 to the just plain fortunate. She’s won acclaim for her rousing keynote speeches, for her compelling workshops, and for her in-house training programs.

When Mimi speaks, she provides some eye-opening techniques< for – skillful communications. The results: her audience is much more productive in both their professional and personal relationships.

In today’s marketplace, your audience demands more than a talking head…they want the real deal. Mimi delivers the goods every time, never letting an audience down.

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Mimi Donaldson: Speech Coach & Speaker

Public speaking is the number one fear in the United States. Death is number five.

If the thought of speaking in front of a large audience makes you sweat, you are not alone.

Mimi Donaldson understands your fears and as your Speech Coach will guide you through the process and help craft our elevator pitch, marketing presentation, and full keynote.

Become a more skilled, confident and effective public speaker for the following:

Keynote Speeches

Media Interviews

Press Conferences

Industry Panels


Special Events


Workplace Meetings

Speech Coach Mimi Donaldson realizes that  a small number of people have training to be an effective and engaging polished public speaker that exudes confidence  as a dynamic, effective communicator that speaks purposefully and eloquently, in addition to building audience engagement.

Mimi trains you to build those skills, whether it’s for a special event, keynote speech, presentations, lectures, media interview, press conference, workplace meetings and communication/leadership.

Mimi Donaldson will help you to create a compelling narrative with memorable content that will inspire and persuade your audience.